14 October 2011

I think a tattoo is in order...

I think a tattoo is in order,
An unplanned (eventfully)eventual order.

Memories that flounder in that torrent racing by,
captured in the moment, fleeting, glinting in my eye.
A life unlived as I live on, through flight, through pits and falls,
A life forgotten as new paint bleeds o'er drawings on the walls.

My body is my vessel, right? My spaceship through this life,
on which I'll slap a stick-er two, to keep the light alive.
The light I see, the light I feel, the light that means I'm here,
A lightning bolt? Heck why not, perched just behind my ear.

A story board to tell my tale, selfishly I'll write,
upon my body, head to tail, of moments that feel right.

1 comment:

  1. a canvas to declare the journey on
    painful and wickedly beautiful...stretched with the birthing pains of naked honesty
    we are the statement of I AM
    hands outstretched in wild joy and knees bent in supplication