27 May 2011

Corporations, successful ones, are beginning to recognize the need for innovative people that create the questions needed to find answers. Poeple that believe in self development as an important part of their career and preferably work around their own interests along with the interests of their children.

Was there a lack of forsight in the early corporate era,
where progress, development, and the american dream
were the prevailing interests of the time?
Or was it simply a lack of knowledge, a lack of understanding,
prohibiting the foresight to predict problems such as global warming?
Is it conspiratorial or naive to believe otherwise?

This model should promote the most positive growth towards a new and sustainable future; one fruitful for the corporation, the employees, the consumers and the global public. Concentrating on preventing problems from arising, rather than fixing them as they occur.

25 May 2011

Face the book why don'tchya?

Facebook and Internet chat may be closing us off from the physical world, but, it is my belief (now) that it also opens up a new world of communication never before experienced. Who is it that thrives in internet chat-rooms? Why people that can't express themselves in the face-to-face. A whole new avenue/ niche has been opened and created for human interaction. It is not my belief, however, that we are all meant to communicate over this medium (interneters have essentially developed their own language). We need to maintain our roots to the physical/natural world in order to stay grounded.

There's a lot of shit to do in this world and (luckily there are) lots of people to do it.
There's a lot of shit to enjoy in this world and (luckily there are) lots of people to enjoy it.

The Urgent Human

Are we afraid to commit to being human? Or just afraid to 'grow-up'? Maybe our thoughts on growing up are simply to narrow, or to simple... Do you really invite further complexity? Of course! It's what we crave! Our current evolutionary course, a path set by our earliest, dreaming ancestors as they branched from the tree, lifting us above, beyond the branches. The timbre of those dreams ... dreams lost in the drone of urgent humanity, of humanity unleashed, of new growth.

Urgency come ruin.