18 April 2011

Pursuit of Intelligence

there is a roil of mumblings rumbling downhill, rising at the last kick of this precipitous age. intelligence grow(n)s as we study and learn in the infinite abyss; gathering understanding and enlightenment, even from darkness, defining nothing to the nth degree...

the urgency of humanity driving, ever inviting further complexity as the known world grow(n)s, continuing to fold back on it'self, lifting us above branches formed by ancestral delight in the fanstastically essential wonder of discovery. the timbre of those dreams lost in the drone of new growth...

the gravity of which drops from our minds like that fateful apple,
forgotten on the ground once cherished as home.
forgotten, this ground dweller, with humanities humble begginnings, as the race presses towards the fragile precipice of the finish line...

what happens when the race is over?

4 April 2011

Unheard whispers

Sometimes I can imagine the whisper of my soul finally finds it's escape;
a thump and jump off the trampoline lining the floor of my stomach,
the force of which causes my feet to stretch the fabric of the world beneath me

(reminiscent of a water drop reverberating back up for one last glimpse of space before it dissolves into its pool of restful disillusion, rippling the surface of its world with diminishing memories of it's flight)

wending it's way through the cyclonic path in and around my wind column, passing by my heart gaining momentum in the way sound is wont to do as it nears its calculated barrier, and finally the thunderous pause before!
Hanging in all of time...
Maybe next time.

ex factor

The existence of science and it's purpose is to explain the origin:
of the universe, of movement, of pattern,
of humanity, of culture,
(expression?) of thought,
(expression?) of being,
(expression?) of self,
of expression, of existence.

Is the route of expression brought on selfishly of selflessly? Is it to present ourselves as we wish to be perceived, or do we express our own personal perceptions? Is there a disconnect from ones own self? Of course... But, is it any more pronounced in this day in age or were our Britt(colonial... hehe, colon) ancestors more driven by their lot in life and relation to others?

We seem to have more outlets for expression than ever before; even if those very avenues have the potential to carry us away from ourselves, from our quiet centres yearning to be free.