4 April 2011

ex factor

The existence of science and it's purpose is to explain the origin:
of the universe, of movement, of pattern,
of humanity, of culture,
(expression?) of thought,
(expression?) of being,
(expression?) of self,
of expression, of existence.

Is the route of expression brought on selfishly of selflessly? Is it to present ourselves as we wish to be perceived, or do we express our own personal perceptions? Is there a disconnect from ones own self? Of course... But, is it any more pronounced in this day in age or were our Britt(colonial... hehe, colon) ancestors more driven by their lot in life and relation to others?

We seem to have more outlets for expression than ever before; even if those very avenues have the potential to carry us away from ourselves, from our quiet centres yearning to be free.

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